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Biographie Ye Zhengliang nodded slightly and said, "It's my textbook of that year. There are my notes on it. I hope it will be helpful to you." As Tony Stark of Anseong Tech, Ye Zhengliang's books and notes in those years were popular with everyone. Jiang Yan didn't catch up with that time. If she did, she would know what level of treatment she is enjoying now. I'll try. Thanks a lot. Thanks again, Jiang Yan turned to leave. When he left, he told him that he must help her next time. Ye Zhengliang sent her downstairs, to the gate, and then to the iron gate. He watched her leave in Ye's car. Suddenly, he turned to the security guard and asked, "How many years have I not driven?"? Your driver's license hasn't expired, has it? The security guard was stunned and choked for a long time before saying, "Young master, of course your driver's license has not expired." Ye Zhengliang nodded his head and turned to walk back. Not far from the door of Ye's house, Chen Man hid there, looking at the cool back of Ye Zhengliang, who was walking back with one hand, and thinking of the smile on his cold face when he had just sent Jiang Yan away, he unconsciously thought of Shen Xishen, who always treated Jiang Yan differently. Why do men seem to like her? Why do these good men always focus on Jiang Yan? What's good about her? She's just a hooking bitch! Heart indignant,electronic board for classroom, as if Qin Mian that day to protect Jiang Yan's words sounded in the ear again, Chen Man returned home and took out his mobile phone, registered a new mailbox number, all the photos and videos she took were rendered in text, and sent to all colleagues in the hospital. The result of this behavior was that when Jiang Yan went to work after a day's rest, the atmosphere in the hospital was strange. You showed up! Lin Bing pulled her in a panic and said, "Why didn't you answer my call yesterday?" Jiang Yan remembered that he had gone to Ye's house after he woke up. It was not easy to explain,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, so he said, "I'm too tired to pay attention. What's wrong?" Lin Bing looked around and said in a low voice, "Are you in love with the prince of Ye's group?" Hearing that Ye Zhengliang was mentioned by others, Jiang Yan became alert in an instant. Ye Zhengliang had been discharged from hospital for some time. When the patient left the hospital, everyone naturally stopped talking about him. She had never heard anyone mention him when she went to work. Now Lin Bing suddenly asked what had happened. It's very likely that someone discovered that she went to Ye's house every day. Who said anything at the hospital? Jiang Yan asked with a frown. Lin Bing sighed and said, "See for yourself." She took out her cell phone, turned out the mail and showed it to Jiang Yan. The more Jiang Yan looked at it, the more ugly it looked. The photos on it were actually all right. There was nothing ambiguous about it. It was no different from the normal communication of normal people. But the text description made it hard not to make people cranky. You're not really in love with that Mr. Ye. Lin Bing hesitated, "Ye's family is such a big enterprise, we ordinary people, can you two have a result?"? You must think it over before you end up with all your wounds. Holding Lin Bing's cell phone tightly, Jiang Yan said, "Whether it's good or not, it's my own business, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,smartboards in classrooms, and it has nothing to do with other people.". The person who sent these things obviously has ulterior motives, and you're going to take her bait like this? Lin Bing said helplessly, "It's not a question of taking the bait or not, but now everyone is talking about it, and they all go to the head nurse and the dean. Everyone says that you don't work hard and spend all your time on hooking up, which has a very bad influence." As soon as she finished speaking, the head nurse's voice rang out: "Jiang Yan, come to the conference room after the shift." Jiang Yan's body stiffened, even though he disdained to explain it in every way in his heart, but he still nodded his head. At the corner, looking at this scene, Chen Man showed a proud smile, she turned to run, did not walk a few steps, someone blocked in front of her. …… Dr. Shen. Chen Man looked at Shen Xi in surprise. Shen Xi had a heavy face and cold eyes. She saw it in her eyes and her heart beat like thunder. "What are you looking for me for?" She pretended to be calm and said, "I'm off work. I'm very tired. I want to go back to rest early. If I have nothing to do, I'll go first." She lifted her feet to walk, and Shen Xishen stood in front of her again, making her very flustered. Nurse Chen, did I tell you not to hurt Jiang Yan because of me.
” Shen Xishen opened his mouth with a low tone, which was a sign of his anger. Chen Man listened, afraid and sad. I didn't! She refused to admit it with red eyes. With a cold face, Shen Xi said, "Do you want me to check the IP address of the person who sent the mass email before you admit it?" Chen Man was stupefied for a moment and said nervously, "I don't know what you're talking about. Please get out of the way, Dr. Shen. I'm going home!" She pushed Shen Xishen away and ran quickly. Shen Xishen stood there, frowning and began to think about the possibility of checking IP. He was not a fool. Yesterday, when he saw those photos, he knew who did it. In this hospital, he knew so many people's contact information and would do such a thankless thing. Who else besides Chen Man? Jiang Yan usually has a good relationship with everyone, and there is no need for everyone to track her in order to discredit her, so Chen Man can do such a thing. But He has to produce some evidence to settle this matter. Last time it was because there was no solid evidence that Chen Man was able to escape, and this time. "Dr. Shen, maybe I can help you." A voice rang out. Shen Xi looked over and froze for a moment. "Mr. Qin?" Qin Mian stands in that way: "I am sorry, I come out to take a walk, overheard your conversation not carefully, about the thing that you say to check IP address, I can help perhaps." Shen Xishen raised his eyebrows: "Can you?" Qin Mian said, "Yes, although it may be a bit conceited to say so, my major happens to be related to this." Shen Xishen blinked, did not refuse his "good intentions" and handed him the mobile phone. As a matter of fact, he has lived to this day,smart interactive whiteboard, and there are only two people who are engaged in this line of work. How can they all appear in front of him as if they were piled up recently? The last one, it was very involved in this matter. Ye Zhengliang. The Ye family. Ye Zhengliang had no idea what had happened. He was still busy with his design and welding the other arm of the robot. Suddenly, he made a movement and stopped with some discomfort. 
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