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Biographie Gu Ziqiao smiled and said, "What are you going to do now?"? When will you be back? He Yimeng seemed to be busy walking and did not reply at the first time. After two minutes, he typed and said, "I will go back tomorrow and go to Tonglao tonight." Thinking that He Yimeng was coming back, Gu Ziqiao could not help rolling on the bed, but accidentally touched the wound, and suddenly became grinning. After a while, he sat up carefully, opened his clothes and looked at his wound. He Yimeng's suture technique can be said to be perfect. If you want Gu Ziqiao to do it himself, you can't sew such neat stitches. He touched the front of his rib cage, wondering when to get a tattoo. Otherwise, how ugly it is to see here when you kiss. Gu Ziqiao put down his clothes and prepared to drink some water, but his cell phone rang twice more. He thought it was He Yimeng, so he clicked on the news unprepared, but he didn't know it was an appraisal consultant. The consultant said that the identification results had come out, and the samples sent this time and the original samples could be identified as the same person. To get the most unwanted result, Gu Ziqiao suddenly felt a little cold. He closed his eyes, thinking that his guess had come true. Gu Baiqi is really the murderer who killed Wenyun. What about yourself? Gu Baiqi worked hard to bring himself up and killed himself? Gu Ziqiao felt incomprehensible. Perhaps become numb, Gu Ziqiao learned the truth after there is a kind of "this is right" mood. He just felt confused and didn't know how to face Gu Baiqi. He wants to know why. When Chen Jiaoting came home, she saw her son standing alone in the living room, as if he had suffered a great blow. Chen Jiaoting suddenly flustered and couldn't help asking,micro gear motor, "Qiaoqiao?"? Jojo, what's wrong with you? Only then did Gu Ziqiao come to his senses. "I'm all right," he said. He forced a smile and said emphatically, "I'm fine." Chen Jiaoting can not help but worry, she thought Gu Ziqiao near carefree, how suddenly this look, is what happened to He Yimeng? So she asked, "Did Xiaohe get the visa smoothly?"? How's it going? Gu Ziqiao exhaled and said,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, "Yes, it's all right." With that, Gu Ziqiao turned back to his room. Although he is obviously not right, but Chen Jiaoting did not dare to ask more, can only secretly sent a message to He Yimeng. Gu Ziqiao, who returned to the bedroom, also sent a message to Dr. He in the quilt. [Gu Ziqiao]: Mengmeng, I miss you. He Yimeng received two messages at the same time. He was stunned and took out his mobile phone to change the ticket. The man sitting opposite him drank his tea, raised his eyebrows and said, "Now you know the truth, but what can you do?" He looked at He Yimeng like a clown, and his eyes were full of contempt. He Yimeng was silent. Cui Ming put down his teacup and said, "Don't say he's gone. Even if he's still here, what can you do?" "What's more, Micro Gear Motor ,24v Gear Motor," Cui Ming said with an innocent look, "none of us harmed him. The operation failed. It was doomed." He Yimeng finally spoke out and said, "Enough!" Cui Ming, however, did not shut up. With some secret viciousness in his eyes, he said, "Doctor He, you have to admit that although he is your best friend, someone.." I don't want you to save him. He Yimeng suddenly stood up and turned away without looking at Cui Ming. Cui Ming is still shouting: "Hey!"! Dr. He! Why are you leaving now? You said you wanted to sit down and talk. Why didn't you talk? You go and pay the money, too! He Yimeng was unmoved, but Cui Ming was still sitting in his seat, his eyes full of mockery, and he had no intention of chasing. Chapter two hundred and eight change City B is always congested in the afternoon, He Yimeng sat in a taxi, feeling the traffic grand occasion of "taking a taxi is not as fast as walking". He was supposed to have dinner with his old family tonight, but Gu Ziqiao's condition made him feel uneasy. Apart from anything else, Chen Jiaoting's message also showed the seriousness of the matter. He understands Gu Ziqiao, the child as far as possible does not let others worry for him, can let Chen Jiaoting see the mood change, that must be a very serious matter. He Yimeng pressed his eyebrows, thinking about Gu Ziqiao, thinking about the truth he had just got from Cui Ming. Cui Ming disdains to lie, and what he says is reasonable. However, he did not have the confidence to tell the child everything.
The car slowly moved forward a few steps, He Yimeng sighed and changed the ticket to ten o'clock in the evening. He flew over the clouds to see the stars, accompanied by the night home, can not bear to disturb his lover, can only see a few eyes downstairs in Gu Ziqiao's house. It was so dark that nothing could be seen. Just as he was about to go home, the light suddenly came on. The floor is high, and He Yimeng is not sure if it is Gu Ziqiao's room. But after a while, his mobile phone received a message. [Gu Ziqiao]: Did you sleep? He Yimeng dialed the phone. Upstairs Gu Ziqiao was startled, he woke up in the middle of the night bored harassment He Yimeng, completely did not expect He Yimeng will have a response. After all, it is already past the wee hours of the morning, and according to He Yimeng's living habits, he must have gone to bed early. Gu Ziqiao connected the phone and couldn't help saying, "You didn't sleep!" With a trace of tenderness in his voice, He Yimeng said, "Didn't you sleep either?" "Can you be the same?" Gu Ziqiao sat on the lazy sofa on the balcony and said, "I woke up." "Do you want a little monkey cake?" He Yimeng suddenly asked. Gu Ziqiao smiled back: "Of course, when you come back tomorrow, help me buy a few more." He Yimeng shouldn't have seen Gu Ziqiao at this time, but he couldn't help it and said, ".." Come down. It's windy. Put on more clothes. Gu Ziqiao suddenly opened his eyes wide and stood up from the sofa. He stood by the window and poked his head, but it was dark outside and he couldn't see anything clearly. "No," he murmured. He Yimeng smiled: "Or eat tomorrow morning?" But Gu Ziqiao had already begun to change his clothes. "No, no,Planetary Gear Motor, no," he said hurriedly! Wait for me! Five minutes! He Yimeng could imagine that Gu Ziqiao was in a hurry at this time. He said, "Wait for you for fifty minutes. Slow down." Gu Ziqiao couldn't help laughing. 
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